The prime minister once again stressed that the Ukrainian military protect not only the national borders, but also the integrity of the entire Europe.

"We do not ask offensive weapons from you. Give us weapons to defend [our] state. We protect your borders [as well]. Peace and order in the EU. Because those who are in the EU's west think that Russian tanks won't be able to get there – let it be so. A year-and-a-half we also thought that Russia would never allow itself to annex Crimea and invade Donetsk and Luhansk," Yatsenyuk said.

According to him, the only right way out of the complex geopolitical conflict provoked by Russia is when the world gets united in helping Ukraine, as Ukraine is now helping Europe.

"The problem is that we want peace, but we have to fight to ensure that peace. And that's why we ask our European partners and our Western friends – give us the opportunity of defending our territory, give us the opportunity of defending our country. We are at war with a nuclear-weapon state," he said.