Ukraine is fulfilling its sobligations, Zelensky notes /

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Minsk Agreements provided for the amendments to be adopted to the Constitution of Ukraine regarding decentralization, and that the Ukrainian authorities are fulfilling these obligations.

"In Minsk [agreements], it is clearly written that changes to the Constitution of Ukraine are all related to decentralization. Now we are preparing a package of laws on decentralization throughout Ukraine, as you know. That is, it seems to me we are fulfilling all these obligations. Yes, the wording is a little different, but it seems to me that it is suitable, in principle," Zelensky said at a Right to Power panel show on 1+1 TV.

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Zelensky is positive he was able to convince Germany and France on the issue.

"As for the Russian Federation, it will be difficult. You have all seen that," the president emphasized.