The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine states that the document laying out steps toward "greater security in Ukraine" earlier published in Munich is not official paper and contradicts the official position of Ukraine.

That's according to press secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Kateryna Zelenko.

"The document titled 'Twelve Steps toward Greater Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region' was prepared by a non-governmental organization Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group. This is a private initiative of a group of politicians and experts who are not indifferent to issues of international security and the security situation in Ukraine, in particular the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against our state," Zelenko told UNIAN.

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The press secretary stated that "the provisions contained in this document do not correspond to the official position of the Ukrainian state."

"According to the leadership of the Munich Security Conference, they don't recognize this piece as an official document of the conference, either. The text of the document has been removed from the official website of the conference," the spokeswoman said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on February 14, the document in question appeared on the website of the Munich Security Conference before being removed shortly.