Klimkin says his major goal is to ensure the world's further unity with Ukraine / Photo from UNIAN

"I don't think we have had serious failures, but there are a few things we haven't managed to complete over the year. For example, we have failed to counteract Russian propaganda, though we weren't alone, and complete the reform of the diplomatic service," he said.

Klimkin notes that he considers that the solidarity of the whole world with Ukraine is his major achievement. According to him, the Ukrainian government uses the support of the international community for the good of the country in all spheres, including in the process of European integration, the protection of rights and interests of Ukrainians. It also includes the promotion of Ukraine around the world.

"To achieve this, we have successfully used not only traditional methods but also modern information technologies. The Twitter page of Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has become the fifth most active among politically-oriented accounts in the world. Our strong presence in social networks allows us to effectively spread information," he said.

The minister said his major goals in future are to ensure the world's further unity with Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression, shift Ukraine's EU membership from the long- to medium-term outlook, and finalize the diplomatic service's reform.