Ukraine’s MFA responds to Russia including 12 Ukrainian organizations in a

This bears a threat to the preservation of national identity, authenticity, and free development of Ukrainians in Russia, according to the MFA’s comments, provided to UNIAN, regarding the restrictions of human rights in the Russian Federation and the oppression of the rights of Ukrainians in Russia.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has once again expressed concern about the situation related to the restriction of human rights in Russia and the oppression of rights of Ukrainians in Russia.

The Foreign Ministry reminded that on July 8, 2015, the Council of the Federation appealed to the Prosecutor General, the head of the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Justice "in connection with the need to determine additional measures to counter anti-Russian activities of foreign and international non-governmental organizations."

Since the term of unwanted foreign and international non-governmental organizations has been introduced in Russia this May, Russia has created a so-called “stop list” of 12 organizations, which included the Ukrainian World Congress, Ukrainian World Coordinating Council, and the Crimean field mission on Human Rights, the activities of which in the Russian Federation were proposed to identify as unwanted, says Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry. The MFA regarded the move as discriminatory. It constitutes a “threat to the preservation of national identity, authenticity, and free development of Ukrainians in Russia," according to Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry

Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on the Russian side to comply consistently and fully with its international obligations provided by international and bilateral agreements, the principles and norms of international law on human rights; meet the cultural and language-related needs of national minorities and prevent any manifestations of their discrimination.