Vira Savchenko finally admitted to Russian territory / Photo from UNIAN

"That's an example of an absolute power of publicity: Vira Savchenko was admitted to the Russian Federation. Vira Savchenko was first denied [entry] and then admitted…" the lawyer tweeted on Monday.

Another lawyer, Ilya Novikov, said on Twitter that shortly before, Savchenko’s sister was officially banned from entering Russia at Pulkovo airport.

Read alsoRussia to consider Savchenko extradition if asked; defense responds"Vira Savchenko has just been officially denied entry to the Russian Federation at Pulkovo. She should be now issued an official document with details. That’s what she flew in for," he wrote.

Read alsoRussian MFA: Savchenko’s case not related to Minsk AgreementAs UNIAN earlier reported, the RussianFederal Security Service (FSB) barred the sister of the illegal detained Nadia Savchenko from entering the territory of the Russian Federation until 2020.