Photo from UNIAN

"Only coordination of our actions, only concentrated pressure and sanctions can influence Russia. It is important to have a transparent mechanism of sanctions, for it is not the issue that we want to punish someone or achieve certain economic goals. It is a motivation for Russia to stop the aggression," the president said at a meeting with delegates of the heads of parliament from Northern Europe and the Baltic States (NB8) on Tuesday.

Poroshenko also stressed "the importance of stabilizing the situation and deploying an international presence in Donbas."

The parties paid significant attention to the issue of the de-occupation of Crimea. Poroshenko informed on cooperation with the Council of Europe and the establishment of a new commission that will visit places where Russia violates the rights of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars.

The Ukrainian president thanked the parliamentary leaders for their firm position in support of Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The NB8 parliament speakers noted the effort made by Ukraine to implement its comprehensive plan of reforms. Supporting Ukraine is a priority for Northern Europe and the Baltic States, they said.