Poroshenko elaborates on his meeting with Obama / Phot from president.gov.ua

"There was a long-lasting and very efficient lunch with the U.S. leaders, with Vice President Biden, and Secretary of State [John] Kerry was present," Poroshenko told Ukrainian TV channels on Sunday.

"Following that lunch, Vice President Biden helped to arrange a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama, who confirmed all those agreements – there were many of them, which were reached during the lunch," Poroshenko said.

"Position number one is $335 million, which will be finally given without additional conditions to Ukraine for the financing of the defense sector and security," the Ukrainian president said.

In his words, the funds will be spent on the purchase of modern weapons and equipment, training of paratroopers, special operations forces and the National Guard.

"There was a clear position on the signing of an agreement on $1 billion in loan guarantees, which we need, and this is tied to one extremely important issue – the formation of a new coalition, the appointment of a new government and resolute facilitation of further reform," he said.