The Russian president said that the publication of Panama papers is an attempt to destabilize the situation in Russia from within, according to Dozhd. He said the easiest way to do it is to impose on the people a sense of mistrust in the government, Dozhd reported.

Putin added that there is no direct reference in Panama papers stating that he owns any offshore companies. "That’s the sort of stuff they have been trying to sell. There is allegedly some friend of Russia’s president. He did this and that. Possibly this may have a corruption side to it. What sort of? There is nothing of the kind," Putin told the 3rd media forum of regional and local mass media Truth and Justice, according to TASS.

Read alsoPutin fears revolt in Russia ahead of elections, creates national guard under own commandThe Russian president has also said he is proud of friendship with musician Sergey Roldugin, a cellist who featured in the recent Panama Papers revelations as a close friend of Putin. "He has spent almost all money he has earned to purchase musical instruments abroad and to bring them to Russia," said Putin.

“This is nonsense,” he concluded.