The Russian Ministry of Justice has initiated the preparation of documents for the return of Sentsov and Kolchenko to Ukraine / RFE/RL

At the same time, the Ministry of Justice noted that the final decision will be made by Russian federal courts.

According to the press service, on April 7, at the Ministry of Justice received a request for the transfer to Ukraine of A.A. Kolchenko, G.S. Afanasyev, O.G. Sentsov, Yu.D. Soloshenko for serving the rest of their prison terms in Ukraine.

Read alsoRussian Investigative Committee says Savchenko's swap possible"Based on the applications received from the Ukrainian side March 10, 2016, the Russian Ministry of Justice with its letters dated March 25 sent to the Federal Penitentiary Service the instructions to draft necessary documents for resolving the issue of the transfer of these convicts, as well as to check if there are any grounds preventing this transfer. The Ukrainian Justice Ministry was informed the same day," said the press service.

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