Photo from UNIAN

According to the proposal, Vitaliy Kovalchuk will become First Deputy Prime Minister, whom Groysman opposed last evening.

The following candidates were also proposed:

Deputy Prime Minister for Humanitarian Affairs – Pavlo Rozenko;

Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration – Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze;

In addition, the new Cabinet will have the post of Deputy Prime Minister for ATO affairs and the occupied territories, which will be held by Volodymyr Kistion.

Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers – Oleksandr Saenko;

Read alsoGroysman’s spox: almost all positions in new Cabinet agreedMinister of Education – Liliya Hrynevych;

Minister of Social Policy – Maksym Nefyodov;

Finance Minister – Oleksandr Danylyuk;

The post of Minister of Economy is vacant, but the faction has determined First Deputy Minister of Economy – Yuliya Kovaliv.

Health Minister – Oleksandr Reva;

Infrastructure Minister – Volodymyr Omelyan;

There is still no candidate for the post of Minister of Energy.

Ecology Minister – Ostap Semerak;

Foreign Minister – Pavlo Klimkin;

Defense Minister – Stepan Poltorak;

Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food – Taras Kutoviy;

Culture Minister - Yevhen Nyshchuk.