The resolution includes a clear demand to Russia to release Oleh Sentsov, Roman Sushchenko, and Mykola Semena, Gerashchenko wrote on Facebook.

Read alsoLawyer Ivan Pavlov: "In Russia, everything related to Ukraine has been politicized. I believe, they can even find some political overtones in a word "Borshch""It is sad that I didn’t get my chance to speak during the debate, although I had signed up beforehand. In my address, I’d planned to speak about the Kremlin's captives and the hybrid information war the Russian Federation wages against Ukraine and against European democracy. It is important that the European Parliament, being aware of the level of threat faced by the EU, has adopted the resolution to counter Russian propaganda. I also planned to talk about the start of a public broadcasting service in Ukraine," wrote Gerashchenko.

Read alsoUkraine MFA: Number of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia increasesShe noted that of the Ukrainian delegation, only Olena Sotnyk was able to speak, having raised the issues of global and common threats in the context of the hybrid information war and drawn attention to the pseudo-journalism of propaganda TV channels, in particular, Russia Today, which had been distorting the picture of the world.

"We congratulate Volodya Aryev in relation to his report. We demand from the Russian Federation to release Ukrainian journalists," Gerashchenko said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, according to PACE delegate from Lithuania Emanuelis Zingeris, representatives of the EU Member States expect Ukraine to submit an updated sanctions list, to expand restrictions against Russians and Crimean residents involved in the prosecution of Crimean Tatars.