Photo from UNIAN

"Just now, they let us go," Tsymbaliuk has told UNIAN.

As UNIAN reported earlier, a Ukrainian journalist, UNIAN correspondent Roman Tsymbaliuk was detained by Moscow police today, March 21.

Read alsoUNIAN news agency considers unacceptable detention of its employees in RussiaAs Tsymbaliuk said in a comment to UNIAN, he had been detained following his interview with Zakhar Sarapulov, a post-graduate student at the Faculty of History of the Moscow State University, who on March 18 flew a Ukrainian flag over the University dorm on the anniversary of Crimea annexation.

"After we recorded the interview, Zakhar took out the flag of Ukraine, and we also filmed it. Then the police approached and started checking our IDs. As a result, the police said that we had allegedly held a rally and, probably, shouted some sort of slogans; and now we are being taken to the police station located in the building of the Moscow State University. They took away our passports and accreditation papers," Tsymbaliuk said.

The journalist states that detention is groundless. "Under Russian law, they did not have the right to detain us. We were filming in a public place, out on the street, almost in the park," he said.

Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has called the detention of the two Ukrainian journalists "a provocation."