"It will be a 'purge' of the peninsula… All those who arrived in Crimea after February 20, 2014, will have to leave. That is at least 200,000 people, including military, prosecutor's office, FSB [Russia's security service], and police. Some 200,000 people have to leave it with the last Russian soldier," Chubarov said.

Read alsoCrimea annexation could be stopped at one point – Crimean Tatars’ ChubarovMejlis Chairman also noted that the traitors of Ukraine should leave the peninsula as well, but he is convinced that they will do it on their own.

"They will be the first to flee, when the soldiers are still there, all those goblins who betrayed Ukraine, the Crimean land, those who were killing the Crimean Tatars. They will not stay as there will be no mercy for the traitors," Chubarov added.

However, he stressed that the relocation should not be forced.

"I would like to be understood correctly: It's not about kicking thousands of people out like Stalin did," Chubarov said.