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"Free Democrats" in the PACE are considered a "pro-Russian and pro-Azerbaijani" group, since it must include deputies sympathetic to Moscow and Baku.

Europeiska Pravda obtained copies of documents suggesting that the group would see neither funding not committee posts, nor the right to claim leadership of the assembly.

The head of the "European Conservatives" faction said that the problem was revealed with the documents submitted by "Free Democrats" and informed representatives of the PACE Bureau.

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The Conservative leader claims that the Turkish signatures have been "falsified" and requires a halt to the registration of Free Democrats. It should be noted that without the seven deputies, the new faction will not have a quorum for its creation.

The chairman of the group, Italy’s Adele Gambara, rejects all accusations of forgery of signatures and demands registration of her group in hindsight, as of June 29, 2017.

"The date is really important because all political quotas for the next year are calculated solely on the basis of the size of the group as of June 30. So, if the group is registered in the fall, it will not have any political rights in the Assembly," the report says.

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