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His father, Ihor Hryb, confirmed on TV Channel 112 Ukraine that the Ukrainian consul was allowed to visit his son on Monday, September 18, but communication in Ukrainian was banned, Espreso.TV reported.

Furthermore, the consul was not allowed to ask questions related to the case, it said.

Read alsoFSB document: Missing Ukrainian teen faces terrorism-related charges in Russia – mediaThe next meeting between them is scheduled for September 27 to obtain results of Pavlo Hryb's medical tests.

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"He does not receive any medications. According to the consul's words, his face, neck and body were covered by ulcers, which means that the liver is apparently unable to properly perform. He needs to take medications regularly, but has not received them for almost a month now," his father said.

Press secretary of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Mariana Betsa earlier said that the Russian side had not allowed Ukrainian doctors to examine the detainee. "We demand the doctors' access," she tweeted.

According to Hryb's lawyer Andrei Sabinin, Ukrainian consuls had one hour to talk with Pavlo in the presence of a detention center's officer, who did not allow the detainee to speak in Ukrainian.

"The consuls met with Pavlo. They talked with him for an hour in the presence of a detention center's officer. A number of questions were not allowed. There were neither medicines nor doctor. I will do it [bring the medicines] on my own on September 21. They did not allow him to speak in Ukrainian. What were they so afraid of? All will write about this, anyway. That's it for now," he wrote on Facebook on September 18.

As UNIAN reported earlier, a member of the State Border Guard Service's public council, Ihor Hryb, said on August 28 his 19-year-old son, Pavlo Hryb, was missing. Pavlo reportedly disappeared in Belarus on August 24 after he had traveled to the city of Gomel for a meeting with a Russian girl whom he met on social networks and who had allegedly also flown to Gomel. Ihor said Pavlo was supposed to return on the same day. When it did not happen, the father went to Gomel in search for his son. He found out that Pavlo was wanted by the FSB in Krasnodar Krai (Sochi) under Article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (an act of terrorism). It became known on September 7 that Pavlo was being kept in pre-trial detention center No. 5 in the Russian city of Krasnodar. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said then that Ukrainian consuls and lawyers could not get access to the detainee.

However, later, lawyer Sabinin was able to visit Pavlo on September 11.

On September 13, a Krasnodar-based court ruled to arrest Pavlo until October 17.