"We have reiterated that although we do not consider sanctions, let's say, 'successful,' we will not undermine European unity because it is the strength of the European Union," Szijjártó told Kommersant in an interview.

However, he claims that while the law on education remains in effect, Hungary will not support any Ukrainian initiative in international organizations or decision that is important to Ukraine.

"There are 150,000 Hungarians living in Ukraine, and we do care what will happen to them. We are responsible for them," he said.

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Read alsoHungary may insist on adding Ukraine's education law issue in final EaP declaration – journalistHowever, sanctions against the Russian Federation, according to Szijjártó, are a different issue. "Sanctions is a separate question, and we have repeatedly stressed that we are interested in building a more pragmatic relationship between Russia and the European Union, as well as the EU and the Eurasian Union, based on mutual trust," he said.

Answering a question whether Hungary agrees with Germany's position that the gradual rollback of restrictions against Russia is possible if a UN peacekeeping mission is deployed to Donbas, Szijjártó said that Germany is the closest partner for Hungary in Europe. "Therefore, we completely share the position of Germany: what will be good for Berlin will be good for Budapest," the minister said.