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"A while back, the Minsk agreements were adopted in a very difficult situation, they have played their positive role. Although, on the other hand, Russia managed to add certain provisions to them whose implementation would undermine statehood and activity of Ukraine as an independent subject of international law," he said at a press conference in Kyiv on Monday.

Read alsoPresident: Donbas de-occupation bill to strengthen Ukraine's position in POW release, peacekeeping"Today we've managed to reach understanding with our Western allies that the Minsk agreements cannot be fulfilled mechanically, as [Russian President Vladimir] Putin or the Russian side would like it to be done," said Vasylenko, who was also a judge of the International Court of Justice (2001-2005) and Ukraine's envoy to the UN Council on Human Rights (2006-2010).

As UNIAN reported, Ukraine insists on the deployment of a United Nations peacekeeping mission to Donbas. In particular, Ukraine's representative to the political subgroup on the Minsk implementation, ex-Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Oleksandr Motsyk said that the probability of deploying UN peacekeepers mission to Donbas is small, but it exists, since Russia can make a compromise at a certain stage.