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"Our position toward Poland is absolutely friendly and constructive, and we proceed from the fact that the majority of Ukrainians are positive about Poland despite differences in assessments of our complicated historical past, and we have a clear understanding of the need to further strengthen cooperation with Poland in the interests of both peoples," Betsa told Radio Liberty.

She recalled that Ukraine had once reached understanding with Poland that historical reconciliation is possible on the European Christian principle "Forgive and ask for forgiveness."

Read alsoPoland’s Duda urges Ukraine leadership not to appoint to high positions officials with anti-Polish views"And we are convinced that it is through reconciliation and through mutual perception that we can really go on to a real strategic dialogue and partnership. We are open to cooperation on any matter, including on historical issues, and we are sure that we must share mutual interest in this regard," Betsa said.

As UNAIN reported earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has stated that there is no anti-Polish sentiment in Ukraine.

Today, November 8, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko initiated an emergency meeting of the Consultative Committee of the Heads of State of Ukraine and Poland.