Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Vasyl Bodnar says the Russian Federation used to seek control over Ukraine by waging hybrid warfare.

"It was by the use of hybrid means that Russia always tried to bring Ukraine back under control. It failed and conventional warfare began in 2014," he said during a video meeting of the Ukraine-Poland Parliamentary Assembly, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

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"But this conventional warfare does not produce results, so various methods are used to try to destabilize both the situation in Ukraine and represent it externally as a failed state," Bodnar said.

According to the official, Russia's hybrid war against Ukraine is a reality in which Ukrainians have been living for long.

"We have been monitoring how Russian propaganda is trying to engage history against both of our countries," he said. "The history-based hybrid approach is only part of Russia's hybrid strategy used against Ukraine, Poland, and many EU states," the official said.

According to Bodnar, today it is one of the main methods of "waging warfare by the Kremlin against the civilized world."

The democratic world has a rather difficult task to maintain a "balance between protecting human rights and safeguarding people against fake and propaganda."

"Unfortunately, a democracy is faced with a rather difficult choice to correctly identify these aggressive messages and fakes, which are presented as alternative views," he said.