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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has assured G7 ambassadors that once the provisions of the law on the National Anti-Corruption Bureau are terminated on December 16 as per the judgment of the Constitutional Court, Director of the National Anti-corruption Bureau Artem Sytnyk will remain in his post.

The statement came as the president was speaking with G7 and EU diplomats, accredited in Ukraine, the press service of the President's Office reports.

The parties discussed the threats facing the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine as regards the recent judgment handed down by the Constitutional Court that declared unconstitutional certain provisions of the law on NABU.

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Read alsoNABU: Ukraine loses chance to recover billions in losses over Constitutional Court's decisionsThe court's move currently creates no risks to the legitimacy and independence of both NABU and its director, the president stressed.

"The decision of the Constitutional Court does not cancel the founding and functioning of NABU, nor does it restrict the work of NABU detectives and not does it call into question NABU's status as a law enforcement body. We guarantee that after December 16, NABU director will remain in office," the president said.

In turn, Artem Sytnyk noted that he fully agreed with the position voiced by the head of state and the President's Office on the absence of factors that critically affect the work of the body, and that the CCU decision is not affecting NABU's capacity to perform its duties independently and effectively. At the same time, NABU, together with other government agencies, will keep working to identify potential threats that may lead to legal collisions over the CCU move.

G7 ambassadors stressed that such regular meetings with the head of state and the head of the President's Office on topical issues are the basis for effective cooperation.


On July 28, the Constitutional Court ruled unconstitutional the presidential decree of April 16, 2015, on the appointment of Artem Sytnyk as NABU Director.

On September 16, the Constitutional Court ruled that a number of provisions of the law on NABU are unconstitutional, and that they will lose force in three months, that is, in mid-December.

In particular, it's the provisions on entitling a president to set up NABU, appoint and dismiss its director, appoint three members to the competition commission, appoint a member of the external control commission for an independent assessment of NABU effectiveness, its operational and institutional independence, as well as approve the regulation on the Public Control Council and the procedure for its formation.