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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine summoned the Ambassador of Hungary István Íjgyártó over the recent incident involving a group of local deputies in Zakarpattia singing the Hungarian anthem.

The Hungarian envoy was received by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba, according to the ministry's press service.

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy has called on the Hungarian side to avoid steps and statements that fail to reflect reality and create a destructive emotional tension in bilateral relations.

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Read alsoUkraine expects EU to appoint "special representative for Crimea" – KulebaThe minister called unacceptable a situation where citizens of Ukraine – deputies of the united territorial communities – at their inaugural meeting sing the national anthem of any other state, including Hungary.

Kuleba also informed the Hungarian diplomat that the investigative action on the part of law enforcement in Zakarpattia region are within the powers of the Security Service, targeting certain citizens of Ukraine, in no way being directed against the Hungarian national minority.

"Any allegations of an alleged 'intimidation' in Ukraine of the Hungarian community or part of it are groundless speculation. In Ukraine, the country governed by rule of law, the principle operates of individual, not collective responsibility," the minister said, stressing that all citizens of Ukraine are equal before the law, regardless of nationality and ethnic origin.

The minister added that Hungarian Ukrainians are an integral part of Ukrainian society.


On Monday, a video was posted on the local Facebook community covering Zakarpattia news where the deputies of the Siurte territorial community were seen singing the national anthem of Hungary, allegedly during the pledge of allegiance ceremony.

Hungarians in Zakarpattia: Other reports

On November 30, the SBU conducted a number of raids in Zakarpattia, targeting among others the chair of the Party of Hungarians of Ukraine (KMKS), Vasyl Brenzovych.

Detectives investigate the allegedly fictitious contracts concluded by Hungarian charitable foundations. According to security officials, some of the investigated actions could have been to the detriment of Ukraine's national security, including the country's state sovereignty.

Read alsoHungarian FM reacts to SBU's searches in Zakarpattia region (Video)Earlier, the observers with the Civil Network OPORA, reported that Hungarian officials had campaigned for "KMKS" Ukrajnai Magyar Party (the Party of Hungarians of Ukraine) while visiting Zakarpattia region during local elections.

Subsequently, Ukraine put two Hungarian officials on the stoplist.