Photo from UNIAN

With the start of the Joint Forces Operation in eastern Ukraine, access to the territory beyond Ukraine's control and zone of hostilities becomes restricted, according to a head of the Donetsk Military and Civil Administration, Pavlo Zhebrivsky.

"I doubt that anyone could just go there as a tourist," Zhebrivsky told the 112 Ukraine TV channel.

Read alsoUkraine envoy: Switching to Joint Forces Operation in Donbas not to affect Minsk process"But if someone has grounds to visit, it is clear that they will be able to do so," said Zhebrivsky, noting that media workers will have to coordinate their trips with the authorities, receive accreditation and permits.

The rules will also apply to volunteers.

As UNIAN reported, today, on April 30, an Anti-Terrorist Operation is officially completing in Donbas, giving way to the Joint Forces Operation (JFO).

The format change is laid down in the Donbas reintegration law signed off by President Poroshenko February 20.

From now on, the Joint Operational Staff shall be authorized to regulate the situation in the Donbas war zone instead of the ATO Staff.