Hungarian nationals who are organizers and participants of the Karpatalya football club were banned from entering Ukraine by the SBU Security Service, the agency's press service said in a response to an inquiry by MP Andriy Ilyenko.

At the same time, Ukrainian nationals playing on the same team might be stripped of their sports licenses as the corresponding procedure has been initiated.

"It has been established that a team called Karpatalya (in translation from Hungarian, Zakarpattia) was formed on the initiative of the Hungarian side from among ethnic Hungarians, some of them of Zakarpattia origin (born in Zakarpattia region)," the document says.

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Besides, the SBU announced official warnings to two Ukrainian club members and initiated with the Football Federation of Ukraine consideration of the issue of depriving them of respective sports licenses.

"Organizers and team members from among Hungarian nationals are banned from entering the territory of Ukraine," the statement concludes.

As UNIAN reported, Karpatalja took part, and won, in a recent "World Cup" organized by the Confederation of Independent Football Associations."