Head of the press service of the Kherson border detachment Ivan Shevtsov has said 59 people fled to mainland Ukraine following acid leaks in Russian-annexed Crimea.

"As of 08:00 Kyiv time, 59 citizens had already entered mainland of Ukraine. Most of them announced their intention to appeal to the Kherson health care institutions due to deterioration of health. At the moment, the Kalanchak and Chaplynka entry-exit checkpoints are working in a limited mode (people are allowed only to enter mainland Ukraine), while the Chonhar checkpoint is working in a routine mode," he told 112 Ukraine TV channel.

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Ukrainian border guards have not registered any new air pollution incident for the last two days; the situation remains stable, the media outlet said.

As UNIAN reported, in the early hours of August 24, an unknown chemical substance leaked into the air in the north of Russian-occupied Crimea.

It has been established that the emission took place at the local Crimean Titan plant.

The de-facto authorities did not announce an emergency situation, although children were evacuated from the area. The plant ceased its work for two weeks, the "authorities" alleged.

However, Chairman of Kherson Regional State Administration Andriy Gordeev said the Crimean Titan plant whose chemical emissions had recently caused a sharp deterioration in the health of people in the nearby settlements was still working.