Photo from UNIAN

Following a crash of the Ukrainian Su-27 flanker jet in Vinnytsia region on Tuesday, the leadership of the Clear Sky-2018 international exercises decided to continue training flights of all types of aircraft.

That's according to a statement released by the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Military officials confirmed that both pilots, who performed a combat training flight, were killed in the crash.

It is underlined that the aircraft involved in the exercises meet all technical requirements and have passed all appropriate licensing procedures.

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The Command also noted that there had been no casualties among the civilian population.

"According to local residents - eyewitnesses of the disaster, the jet started losing altitude and the crew diverted the aircraft away from a civilian neighborhood," reads the statement.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on October 16, at about 17:00, a Su-27 flanker jet of the Ukrainian Air Force crashed in Vinnytsia region. The jet was on a combat training flight as part of the Clear Sky-2018 international exercises. Both pilots aboard are reported to have died in the crash. One of the crew members is reportedly a U.S. national.

The U.S. Air Force confirmed that an American pilot was involved in the Su-27 incident during the Clear Sky-2018 international drills, but did not specify his fate pending investigation.