A number of inconsistencies have been found in the official version of Kerch massacre probe in relation to the suicide of a "lone shooter" Vladislav Roslyakov.

Experts doubt that the suspect shot himself. They also assume Roslyakov had accomplices and did not act alone, according to the Krym.Realii online media outlet.

Journalists point out the fatal wound of the Kerch shooter does not correspond to the caliber of the weapon he carried.

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In addition, they note there are almost no blood traces on the bookcase behind Roslyakov's body.

"After such a shot, the weapon should have fallen out of his hands in any case," said Georgy Uchaykin, Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Gun Owners Association (UGOA).

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"A very strange direction for a suicide shot. Although it would be convenient for someone who came from his side, put a weapon in the man's mouth and pulled the trigger. It's no suicide," said military expert Yuriy Kolesnikov.

As UNIAN reported earlier, an explosion hit the Polytechnic College in the Russian-occupied Crimea's Kerch on October 17. Some 21 people were killed and at least 70 wounded in the explosion and a mass shooting at the college premises.

Some witnesses also reported they heard automatic gun fire at the scene.

The bomb was reportedly planted by Vladislav Roslyakov, a local student of the same college, who allegedly committed suicide following the attack.

Ukraine's Information Resistance OSINT group earlier noted that it was Russian security forces who could stand behind the college attack. The experts also assumed there had been a live fire exchange between the FSB task force and a GRU (or Russian Guard) unit deployed at the scene.