Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak says the Armed Forces of Ukraine have recently received 120 new types of equipment that were not previously in service.

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"We've introduced 120 new types of equipment that were not in service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine before. We've put over 330 units of weapons and equipment into service, including those in the aviation complex, as well as unmanned aerial systems and combat aircraft, which we purchased. The main thing for us is to see the final goal," he said during an April 13 working trip to the site of permanent deployment of the 58th separate motorized infantry brigade in Konotop, Sumy region.

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According to the military official, this year inspires optimism regarding the fulfillment of the state defense order.

"We plan to complete the tests of the ground-launched cruise missile Neptun ["Neptune"]. We've also launched the mass production of [a new generation] Vilkha ["Alder"] multiple launch rocket system and started to test the Vilkha-M missile system. We are working to complete the tests of the Bohdana self-propelled howitzer, to design new reconnaissance systems and intelligence apparatus, as well as electronic warfare systems (EW) and over-the-horizon radars. We plan to deliver them to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to significantly increase their capabilities," Poltorak stressed.

The minister noted two conditions for the said plans to be implemented, that is the irreversibility of Ukraine's path towards the EU and NATO and the ability to effectively use the funds allocated for the defense.