Photo from UNIAN

The President's Office is initiating the establishment of the Council on Freedom of Speech under the President of Ukraine.

Deputy chief of the President's Office, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, delivered the statement, speaking at an expert meeting "Freedom of Speech and Information Security of Ukraine: Common Challenges - Common Solutions", held Wednesday.

"We need a dialogue with the media community, so we are launching the work of the Council. It will meet regularly," said Tymoshenko.

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According to him, the Council will consist of one representative from each national media outlets. Editorial boards are free to delegate any representative they select.

It is expected that the Council will help record and eliminate threats to freedom of speech, as well as manifestation of censorship. Also among the priorities is the protection of journalists' right to their profession. To this end, the Council will include law enforcers and media lawyers.

Mr Tymoshenko noted that similar councils, set to include representatives of local mass media, were proposed to be created under each chairman of the regional state of administration.