"I was interrogated as a witness. The next interrogation will be held on September 8. In the corridors of the Main Department I knew that Ihor Shvaika and Yuriy Syrotiuk were suspected of the terror near Rada. I don’t know the next steps of investigators for my colleagues, whether it will be a trial or arrest," he said.

Tiahnybok also said that the investigator asked him about 30 questions, to which he had previously answered in writing.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the clashes outside the Verkhovna Rada's building started after the Verkhovna Rada had voted to amend the Ukrainian Constitution, introducing decentralization provisions.

Protesters disagreeing with the amendments started throwing bottles, smoke bombs and paving stones at law enforcement officers guarding the parliament's building. Also, a defensive grenade was thrown at them. Three servicemen were killed, while more than 150 people received injuries of varying severity.

As part of investigation of the criminal proceedings initiated regarding group violations of public order, mass disorder, causing harm to life and health of the police officers engaged in the performance of their duties, as well as illegal handling of weapons, about 30 people were summoned to appear at the Main Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry for questioning. Among them were Svoboda party leader Oleh Tiahnybok (Kyiv), Svoboda party member Yuriy Syrotiuk (Ternopil), head of Kharkiv regional party branch Ihor Shvaika, chairman of the social-nationalist movement "Social-National Assembly" Ihor Kryvoruchko (Kyiv region, Bila Tserkva city), Svoboda party activist Serhiy Boyko (Kyiv region, Brovary city), Svoboda party member Ihor Sabiy (Khmelnytskiy region, Kamianets-Podilskiy city).