Another year has passed. Another one is beginning. However, we see little change for the better in our lives. Well, not all of us, in fact. Someone sees criminal cases against them being closed, as the diamonds have miraculously turned into glass; someone sees their network of candy stores grow at a record pace; someone has a half-nude pop star perform at their private party; someone puts their hands on another project’s budget, which is nothing but a pork barrel for them; while someone, instead of going to jail, gets successfully recertified and is set to “protect” those whom they tried to kill or maim just a few years ago...

But all these “someones”  are a happy minority. Meanwhile, the majority, who struggle to pay gigantic bills and gets by with the cheapest food, feel like they have been left without a well-deserved gift.

One of the main collective wishes during New Year 2014 mass festivities in the squares across Ukraine was gaining justice.

Видео дня

Alas, Did Moroz aka Santa Claus has failed to make this wish come true. So, the fiscal authorities dig into the already empty pockets of those who have been freezing for so many nights in the Maidan, while the prosecution is not able to designate as crime the actions of fugitive Yanukovych’s entourage, the courts acquit the bad guys (but regularly convict the real Patriots), MPs and mayors are as thuggish as conventional criminals, the company from the aggressor state opens up a restaurant in a building which is a de-facto mass grave… In general, we still fall behind on justice…

And it’s not the first year when it’s all like this. It’s like Santa Claus is actually giving us a hint: “Guys, it’s not me you should address!” In other words, it is impossible to rely on some higher power or mythical creatures in this difficult task of searching and finding justice. We’ve got work to do. There’s no other way, people.

You might ask, how exactly we should work. Just like we have already learned to, that is, responsibly. We did it in the tents in the Maidan, from our couches on Facebook, in grocery stores (closely studying the barcodes finding out the country of origin), in gear shops (purchasing body armor for the troops), at the ATMs (transferring money to the volunteers). And no one had any questions, what to do and why: everyone decided for themselves what their contribution to the future will be.

But we made the mistake of thinking that a single manifestation of responsibility, a one-time responsible voting one and a half years ago will provide quality outsourcing in the issue of modernization of the state we live in, the state which defines our tempo, our rhythm, and affects our comfort and quality of life. We have relaxed and no longer control the authorities, deciding that there is no need to exert pressure on "these ones." For some reason, we decided that it’s not so important to show up on the elections, so many of them in the past year and a half, in fact. We let the government convince us that their promises and vows can easily be forgotten...

And even a year ago, it was already clear. But we have relaxed, deciding that we just need to wait a little longer, and then it will all go smooth. And so, the events of 2015 (or the absence of the events we  expected), ruthlessly highlighted this mistake to us.

The blame is more or less on all of us.

And, if so, then we'll have to fix our mistakes next year.

Everyone has their own mistakes. Someone needs to finally stop giving bribes and kickbacks (to just stop!), someone should get up from the cozy couch and go to the rally, someone will have to make an extra effort and make it to the polling station, someone is bound to stop hiding and show up at the conscription station... So there are many things to be done, many ways to change. The main thing is to start.

At least, we should start to realize that, despite our good deeds, the global life principle will never change: no one will do anything for us. We can’t assign someone to be responsible for our own lives. We can’t choose the Messiah. We can’t just ask for justice. We still need to pursue it.

We are facing yet another difficult year. But we have grown accustomed to challenges. It’s important in this regard not expect these challenges will soon be over. More precisely, that they’ll miraculously disappear.

So I suggest asking Santa Claus for energy and perseverance to change ourselves and those who surround us. Because the brand new people, even without the assistance of the brand new police, will be able to create a brand new country.

Think about it.

Happy New Year!

Don’t you relax!

Mykhail Gannitsky is an Editor-in-Chief at UNIAN