"According to updates, a total of 273 lab-confirmed deaths from influenza have been recorded since the beginning of the epidemic season, including four children under 17," the report says.

The largest number of the deaths was registered in Odesa region – 40 cases, the capital city of Kyiv reported 31 cases, Cherkasy region 17 cases, Donetsk region 19 cases, Kharkiv region 15 cases.

It is noted that "only a third of the dead sought medical attention on time." The analysis of the deaths showed that all the dead had no vaccinations against influenza.

Since the beginning of the epidemic season, according to updates, a total of 125,665 people have been vaccinated against influenza, which is 0.32% of the total population, including 21% of children under 17. The vaccination was carried out mainly at the expense of local budgets.