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"I don't see any grounds. If we did not impose it when all these events began, I see no particular reason for it to be enforced now," he told Channel 112 Ukraine.

At the same time, he assured Ukrainians saying most won't feel the effects of martial law in the event it is imposed.

"I've intentionally read the provisions of martial law again. Sorry, but some stereotypes exist in society. They show how a certain corrupt official, or let's say how [an ally of former president Viktor Yanukovych] [Oleksandr] Yefremov was detained. Had we imposed martial law, one would have been executed by shooting to death and the other would have been hanged. But it's nonsense! There is nothing of the kind in the provisions. The judicial branch would work in its usual mode. There would be certain limitations on the use of vehicles, military commandant's offices would open, but most civilians would not even feel this," Tuka stated.

Read alsoPoroshenko not to change Constitution in case of martial lawSecretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov earlier said one should not be afraid of martial law and there was no reason to panic.

He said on July 19 that the Verkhovna Rada might consider the imposition of martial law in case the situation in eastern Ukraine worsens.