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"Let me congratulate all those top-level guests present here, as well as the entire Ukrainian nation, all the Ukrainians in the Diaspora on the Day of Unity," he said on Sunday, January 22.

The Ukrainian president said that on January 22, 1919, unification of two state formations emerged from the wreckage of different empires into a single united Ukraine was declared on Kyiv's St. Sophia's Square.

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"Even though the unification of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the West Ukrainian People's Republic in 1919 was symbolic, it had a crucial importance for the establishment of the Ukrainian unitary, sovereign state within its present borders. It outlined geographic, political and identifying contours of a united Ukraine. Unity remained a powerful, life-giving idea conveyed to posterity. That is why we mark this day in such a festive way," he said.

"Unity, as I've said earlier, is an indivisible whole from all Ukrainian lands that once belonged to different empires and now form the European independent Ukrainian state. Unity is not just a common territory. This is a spiritual unity, common values, ideals and aspirations. This is a great strong family of all Ukrainian citizens," he said.

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