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The first findings have already been submitted to the Board for Public Integrity, the NABU said on its website.

"Data analysis on the part of NABU is limited to assessment of corruption risks. The information is exchanged solely within the legal framework and is designed to help the High Qualification Commission of Judges select Supreme Court employees without corrupt backgrounds," the agency said.

Read alsoNAPC plans to participate in searches of declarants to monitor their lifestyleAs UNIAN reported earlier, judicial reform in Ukraine was launched on September 30 after the necessary amendments to the Constitution were adopted by lawmakers in June.

In keeping with the amendments, the Supreme Court should become the Higher Court of Ukraine, and its judges should be formed by way of an open competition.

The High Qualification Commission of Judges announced a competition on November 7, 2016, for 120 vacancies at cassation courts (30 at administrative, economic, criminal, and civil law courts each).

Some 653 candidates were qualified for the competition.