"Negotiations on Sushchenko's exchange or release – no matter how it is called – are still underway. And I think this problem will ultimately be resolved a political way. The defense will take procedural steps with due regard to this scenario. Otherwise, the chances are very small. Apart from that, we are counting on international pressure," he said.

Read alsoPACE passes Ukraine-proposed resolution demanding that Russia release political prisonersAs UNIAN reported earlier, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) on September 30 detained an Ukrinform correspondent, Roman Sushchenko, in Moscow, labeling him as a Ukrainian intelligence officer who allegedly "deliberately collected classified information on activities of the armed forces and the national guard of the Russian Federation." Sushchenko was officially charged with espionage.

Moscow's Lefortovo court ruled to arrest the journalist until November 30.

All court hearings on the Sushchenko case were held behind closed doors.

On October 27, the Moscow City Court upheld the initial ruling on Sushchenko's arrest.

On November 28, ruled to prolong the arrest until January 30, 2017.

On January 25, Moscow's Lefortovo district court decided to keep Sushchenko in custody until April 30, 2017.