The court decision notes that on June 22, during a search at premises, a USB flash drive was discovered with electronic files on it that might be classified.

Investigators revealed the exact personal computer where the files had previously been saved, stressing the fact that the PC is owned by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Read editor-in-chief Huzhva leaves detention centerThe SBU have later obtained a court warrant for seizing the said computer for forensic examination, that’s despite a ministry official’s objections.

Ihor Huzhva refuted all accusations of storing classified data, writing on Facebook that he had “not received any classified information on flash drives from the Ministry of Defense." He also suggested that the USB flash drive had been planted on him during the search.

Read editor-in-chief Huzhva facing up to 10 years in prison, seizure of propertyAs UNIAN reported earlier, Huzhva was detained on Thursday evening, June 22, after a police had raid the editorial office. Criminal proceedings were initiated against him under Article 189 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (extortion). According to the law enforcers, Huzhva together with his accomplice Anton Filipkovskiy demanded $20,000 from MP Dmytro Linko. Huzhva was detained after he had received half the amount of $10,000. Huzhva called the charges against him for extortion "fabricated".

On June 24, the court ruled to remand Mr Huzhva in custody, setting a bail at UAH 544,000.

On June 26, Huzhva was bailed out by his deputy, Svitlana Kriukova.