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When the first of the men entered a cafe, a 24-year-old employee, a citizen of Ukraine, told him that the bar was closing, Radio Poland reports.

"When he heard a foreign speech, he suddenly began to ask our colleague: 'Where are you from?' said Ruslan, the owner of the bar. 'When he said that he was from Ukraine, the man asked: 'Do you know what your grandfather did to my grandmother?' 'Then he pushed the employee twice and hit him in the face. After that, they went out and two more joined the beating. Three men beat one," Ruslan added.

Read alsoPolish labor market boosts demand for UkrainiansThe attackers were stopped for a while by some man who applied pepper spray against aggressors. The Ukrainian managed to hide and close in a bar. The men began to beat the windows and tried to get inside through the window. The Ukrainian called the guards, and they reported to the police.

Three attackers aged 21 to 28 years old were detained on the spot. The Ukrainian with injured hands and head was hospitalized.

The aggressive men were tipsy. "They are charged with beating on ethnic grounds and causing harm to health," the district prosecutor's office in Gdansk reported.

The men could face up to five years in prison for nationally motivated violence. The attackers will also be responsible for damaged windows.