"Сriminal proceedings were launched under Article 258 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (a terrorist act, that is, using weapons, setting off an explosion, if such actions were committed with a view to violating public safety, intimidating the population, provoking a military conflict, and international complications – shall be punished with imprisonment for up to 10 years) into the fact of damage incurred to the bus on a parking lot of a hotel complex near the village of Sokilnyky near Lviv," he said.

According to the press officer, a number of examinations have now been appointed to determine the source of the blast.

As UNIAN learned from the press service of Lviv Regional State Administration, a bus carrying Polish tourists to Lviv was damaged in the early hours of December 10. It stood in a parking lot of a hotel outside Lviv. There was no one in the bus at the moment the explosion occurred.

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No casualties have been reported.