"Ukraine will already use two towers to broadcast signal across the Crimean territory in 2018 - Chonharska and Chaplynska," the official wrote on Facebook.

According to Kostynsky, to this end, it is planned to increase the height of the Chaplynska TV tower from 92 to 133 meters and set up an additional digital multiplex to send stronger signal toward Crimea’s Armyansk and Krasnoperekopsk of the five major Ukrainian TV channels, and also organize analogue broadcasting of another two Ukrainian TV channels and seven radio stations.

Read alsoIncreased Ukrainian language quotas on radio stations come into force Nov 8The signal from the Chaplynska tower will cover Chaplynka and Kalanchak districts of Kherson region and Krasnoperekopsk district of Crimea.

"TV and radio broadcasting in these areas will be developed through the issuance by the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of permits for temporary broadcasting, as is done in the ATO area," Kostynsky added.

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UA: Krym, Channel 5, Pryamyi Channel (Tonys), ICTV, and Chornomorska Broadcasting Company are broadcast across northern parts of Crimea in the DVB-T2 format.