Ukrainian Deputy Health Minister and Chief Medical Officer Viktor Liashko says Ukraine may receive about 8 million doses of a COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine as part of cooperation within the COVAX global access facility.

"Yesterday we received confirmation from the COVAX facility that the government of Ukraine has the right to apply to this association, the Vaccine Alliance, requesting vaccines in case of their registration for further prevention of coronavirus disease by vaccinating people at risk or certain age categories," he said at a briefing on August 4, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

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Under this facility, each country that is its member and is eligible to apply for such assistance will receive vaccines to cover about 20% of the population, he said.

"It is predicted that it is about 8 million doses for Ukraine. This is a vaccine whose supply to Ukraine is guaranteed in different volumes. And it can be either free or at a special price," he said.

Simultaneously, the Cabinet of Ministers and the Health Ministry are in talks with manufacturers and governments of other countries so that, in addition to the 20% that Ukraine will receive as part of the COVAX facility, it will have the opportunity to additionally buy a vaccine for budget funds at other, not special prices, in order to cover all risk groups with coronavirus vaccinations.

"We are also working with manufacturers so that in future they could have registration in Ukraine. And business entities who want to protect their employees in order to exclude mass outbreaks at enterprises could also buy and vaccinate their employees," he added.