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Half of Ukrainians fear the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis for their families rather than COVID-19 itself.

That's according to a survey run by the Rating he sociological group on May 4-8, 2021.

When asked about the coronavirus, 47% of Ukrainians said they were most concerned about the economic implications of this crisis, and 32% – of contracting coronavirus, while another 15% claimed they feared nothing.

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Also, 61% of respondents support the idea of ​​Ukraine's own production of all kinds of vaccines, even if they are more expensive than foreign ones, while another 32% stand against it.

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More than half (55%) of respondents believe it's not worth replacing the health minister today, while 25% support the move to appoint a new ministry head.

Also, 49% of Ukrainians believe that criticism by certain politicians of the government's actions to combat the coronavirus pandemic is more likely to harm the efforts to tackle COVID-19, with 26% believing the opposite.

Among those surveyed, 69% have recovered from the coronavirus, 25% never contracted it, while 6% were unaware.

The poll was conducted among 2,000 respondents aged 18 and over, via personal interviews, in all regions of Ukraine, except for the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas.

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The unemployment rate in Ukraine in the 4th quarter of 2020 compared increased by 0.6 percentage points, up to 10.1% from 9.5%, with the number of unemployed amounting to 1.8 million.

In Q1 2021, the unemployment rate was down by`12%, officials said.

According to the Cabinet's macroeconomic outlook for the next three years, the unemployment rate for the population aged 15 to 70 is projected at 9.2% in 2021, 8.5% in 2022, and 8% in 2023.