In Ukraine, about 3% of the population has already been infected with the novel coronavirus, says Deputy Minister of Health Iryna Mykychak.

The situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is as "alarming", as almost elsewhere in the world, she told the Telegraf outlet.

"The incidence is high, the pace of spread is rapid, patients in hospitals have severe cases with the course of disease that's difficult to predict," she said.

"According to the operational data of the Ministry's Center for Public Health, about 3% of the population of Ukraine has already gone through covid," said the Deputy Minister.

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It would be unfair, Mykychak believes, to say that everything is really bad with the efforts to tackle COVID-19, but to say that everything is fine and cloudless would be dishonest.

Fighting the pandemic is about the responsibility of the entire society, about synergy and understanding on the part of various industries and branches of government.

"Both the Ministry of Health and local leaders are working continuously to contain and tackle the virus with minimal losses. We address some issues very quickly, while others require time, resources, interagency cooperation, and non-traditional approaches. So far we have sufficient reserves, but with an increase in morbidity, hospital load grows as well," the health official emphasized.

Medics are in chronic stress amid constant tension, the official notes, adding that a significant part of healthcare workers have contracted the coronavirus.

"To our great regret, we have losses among our doctors, nurses, and other medical workers," she said.

Coronavirus in Ukraine: Latest

In Ukraine over the past day, 13,141 new active COVID-19 cases were recorded, while a record 13,882 patients recovered. Also, 169 fatalities were reported.