Immunologists call for a detailed study of repeat infection cases / Photo from UNIAN

Over 2,000 Ukrainians have faced repeat reinfection with COVID-19.

Such data was released by the Public Health Center, as reported by the Ukrainian TSN TV news service.

In particular, 2,161 people, including 250 healthcare workers, received a repeated positive PCR result no earlier than 40 days from the first positive result.

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Read alsoHealth Minister Stepanov warns about COVID-19 surge after holidaysUnlike Ukraine, the statistics of reinfection worldwide are several times lower as just over 20 cases have been officially recorded.

Immunologists explain the high Ukrainian statistics of reinfection by possible mistakes during testing: the results can be false negative or false positive. They call for a detailed study of repeat infection cases.

Most human organisms develop antibodies after COVID-19, but their levels may vary. It is usually higher among patients with a severe form, as well as lower among those with mild cases. There is no exact data on what levels of antibodies are required for protection and how long immunity to coronavirus lasts.

To avoid reinfection, doctors urge people to keep social distance, wear face masks and sanitize hands.

COVID-19 in Ukraine: Latest developments

  • Ukraine said 10,622 new active COVID-19 cases had been confirmed across the country in the past 24 hours as of December 16, 2020.
  • The total number of confirmed cases grew to 919,704.