Almost half of Ukrainians (45%) consider an attack by Russia or Russian troops' incursion into the territory of Ukraine a real threat.

That's according to a survey by the Ukrainian Institute for the Future (UIF) with the assistance of New Image Marketing Group, presented at a Kyiv press conference on Wednesday, an UNIAN correspondent reported.

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"As many as 45% believe the build-up of forces by the Russian Federation on the borders with Ukraine indicates the existence of a real and serious threat of an attack by Russia or Russian troops' incursion into the territory of Ukraine," sociologists said.

At the same time, almost a third of respondents are convinced that if Russia introduces its troops into Ukrainian territory, a long-term military conflict is expected, as a result of which the Russian Federation will be defeated. Moreover, this answer was almost twice as likely to be given by men than women.

At the same time, respondents from the east and the south were less likely to choose this answer. But more often they expressed the opinion that "there will be a long-term military conflict, as a result of which Ukraine will be defeated."

Also, according to the survey, in case of pulling up Russian troops to the borders and the threat of the invasion, more than half of the respondents (51%) called the best decision by the Ukrainian authorities the strengthening of the Ukrainian borders by a military contingent, complete militarization, mobilization, intensifying the creation of territorial defense, and preparation for repelling an attack.

In this situation, 48% consider it necessary to look for partners and military assistance in the West, 38% supported the option of strengthening the search for diplomatic ways to resolve the conflict, initiating a new negotiation process aimed at increasing pressure on Russia. A total of 23% of those polled chose the option to intensify the negotiation processes directly with Russia to search for possible compromises.

As for the Western sanctions against Russia, 42% consider them effective, but insufficient to contain Russia's aggression against Ukraine, while 32% believe they are ineffective since Russia does not react to them and is not going to change its policy toward Ukraine.

A mere 7% of respondents called the granting of autonomy to the "LPR/DPR" terrorist organizations a way out of the current situation.

Details of the poll

  • The survey was conducted in April. Some 1,148 respondents aged 18 and older took part in an online survey on an interactive structured questionnaire in all regions except for the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas. The margin of error does not exceed 3.5%.