A major freezing snap is set to hit most parts of Ukraine on January 15-16, the State Emergency Service reports.

"Overnight temperatures could reach -12-18° C and down to -21° C in certain parts of the northern regions, while in day hours, it'll be -10-16° C. On January 17-18, the cold weather will prevail," the report says, citing Ukrainian meteorologists.

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In Kyiv region in the same period, a significant temperature drop is expected: at night down to -13-18° C and in some places down to -21° C, as well as down to -11-16° C in day hours.

On January 17-18, freezing weather will prevail in Kyiv and the region.


The average yearly temperature in the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv was the warmest in 2020, as it rose to + 10.9°C, which was 3.2°C up from the climatic norm, thus setting a record for the entire observation period (since 1881).