On Friday afternoon, September 7, local residents in Donetsk region spotted a convoy of military trucks.

The convoy consisted of 12 KamAZ trucks, two vans, and a mobile e-warfare complex, volunteer Yuriy Mysyagin wrote on Facebook.

"Most likely, the convoy crossed from the Russian side early in the morning. From the border, it was moving offroad, across fields, and was spotted at a crossing in the area of Kuteinikovo, at a turn towards Mospino. Mospino is really close to Donetsk. Almost a suburb," said the report.

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The volunteer noted that the trucks had been carrying men sporting military uniforms, most likely only soldiers, since officers were transported in two vans.

The soldiers were 25-45 years old.

Earlier, OSCE observers spotted another convoy of trucks near the Ukraine-Russia border.