Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky believes that  latest shelling near Novoluhansk and other settlements in Donetsk region overnight Friday, June 7, which resulted in two Ukrainian soldiers being killed and eight injured, testifies to Russia's loss of control over its mercenaries.

"A blatant violation of Minsk agreements, the use of artillery, testifies to at least a partial loss of management and control over the mercenaries. We hope that the Russian side will restore control over these units," said Zelensky, according to his press service.

The president also expressed condolences to the families of the victims and thanked Ukrainian soldiers who had come under attack for their courage and resilience.

He noted that at the diplomatic level, Ukraine will continue to insist on a ceasefire and prisoner release, the president stressed.

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"The shelling of the Ukrainian military is an obvious attempt to once again disrupt the ceasefire negotiations. Whoever gives any orders, Ukrainian Armed Forces will respond harshly and in accordance with the situation. And at the diplomatic level, our position on the need for a ceasefire and the release of prisoners remains strong and inviolable," said Zelensky.

As the press center of the Joint Forces Operation reported earlier, Russian-backed forces in Donbas applied artillery, which resulted in two Ukrainian soldiers being killed and 10 – injured.