The Azov regiment has reported the downing of a Russian-made Eleron-type drone in the Donbas warzone's Svitlodarska Duha bulge area.

"The UAV was spotting the enemy artillery fire amid intensified shelling. The Russian-made UAV was destroyed by the regiment's fighters at an altitude of about 500-600 meters," the Azov press service told UNIAN.

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According to Azov, it was precisely this kind of unmanned aerial vehicle that spotted enemy fire a month ago when two Ukrainian soldiers were killed.

"The same Eleron-type UAV was earlier destroyed by Azov in early March of this year. Then, Azov shot it down at a much lower altitude, namely 150 meters," the press service reported.

The Eleron-type UAV was developed by Enix, a Kazan-based Russian company. Since 2013, serial purchases of these UAVs have been carried out for the needs of the Russian army.

Russia has been denying any involvement in hostilities in the Ukrainian east.