In particular, the OSCE SMM saw a general increase in the number of violations of the ceasefire in Donbas in eastern Ukraine.

"The SMM continued to monitor in the Donetsk region and observed a general increase in the number of ceasefire violations. While at the Joint Centre for Control and Co-ordination (JCCC) observation post at the Donetsk railway station (8km north-west of Donetsk, Donetsk People’s Republic ("DPR")-controlled), between 10:25 and 12:15hrs, the SMM heard sounds of 132 explosions, heavy-machine gun and small-arms fire originating from the west-north-west, north-west, north and north-north-east directions at a distance of 2-5km from the SMM's position," the update reads.

According to the SMM, at 11:10hrs and 11:25hrs, while in the Kalininskyi district of Donetsk city, the SMM heard two bursts of small-arms fire from undetermined distance south-east of the SMM's position.

From 15:00 to 15:03hrs while in front of Park Inn Hotel, the SMM heard eight explosions of undetermined origin south of its position.

"While in "DPR"-controlled Dokuchaievsk (30km south-south-east of Donetsk), between 11:38 and 12:30hrs, the SMM heard continuous distant artillery fire south-west of its position," the update reads.